Third Party

Love, very simple and short word right? So In your opinion why do people LOVE and why do people need to be LOVE? Many people are suffering because of this Love. Some are commit suicide for the reason of being left by their love ones. There are instance that a smart person turns to an idiot one just because of it and some people who can consider weak became strong for name of love. Its funny because there are people who are so good in giving advice as if they know everything about love but when its their turn, shocks!… it seems like they don’t know what to do. Funny isn’t? But it happens in reality. LOVE is truly powerful. It turns you into someone you never expect or dream to be.

There are many kinds of love in this world. But the most common kind of love that will come to your mind when you here it is about the love of two people in opposite sex. Girlfriends or boyfriends. In this kind of love  only TWO  people are involve not THREE. But if you’ll based it nowadays…in the shows in television there are always three people involved. The wife/girlfriend,husband/boyfriend and the last is what we call kabet. Many people when they heard the term “Kabet” they will judge that person or consider a slot. But still they are a human and they have their own stories why they end up like that. They say kabet are brave,  rude and evil but not all of them. There are some kabet that want to end their wrong doing but the problem is he she really love that person so much. But what should he or she  do if every time he or she try to stop, try to live with out that person and try to correct his her wrong he she end up in depression. No one dreams to become a kabet even the kabet right now. It just happen that there love one is already taken, but still what ever their reason is they are still wrong  and making a sin. In the right time when they cant handle the situation or the pain anymore they will stop and leave that kind of situation and take the right path for the better.



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